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Aaron and Ludmila

The story of Aaron and Ludmila, as told by Ludmila. 

Dear Marianna, Vadym and Sveta,

Thank you very much for introducing me to my fiancйe Aaron. We love each other very much and count the days until we will be together. I feel that we are soul mates and I feel the happiest I ever felt before. Aaron feels the same way and our thanks goes to you.

I am very appreciative for everything that your agency has done to me. Vadim and Sveta had become very close people to my heart and they help me in everything.

I came to the agency because I wanted to have a strong happy family and I knew that in Ukraine my dream would stay as my dream; but you gave me chance and possibility of a better future for me and my future children and I know that my dream will become reality very soon.

I also want to say that there are many girls like me in the agency that want to have a happy family and I feel very happy that I am one of the lucky girls that have already met the Love of their Lives.

Once I joined the agency, my life-style had changed and I met many new friends. After I met Aaron and fall in love with him, many of my girls-friends had come and joined the agency. I wish the best of luck for them.

Aaron came to visit me several times and those were the happiest days in my entire life and I will remember those days and moments forever. I am trying my best in studying English and getting ready to move to United States and marry and be with Aaron.

My family is very happy for me and they wish me the best. My family liked Aaron very much and they are very happy that I have such a wonderful and attentive fiancйe.

I feel that my life just began and I am looking forward in the tomorrow with the smile and my heart sings from happiness.

I am very happy that there are such a wonderful people, as you are, in this world and I feel very confident that you make a difference and bring happiness into many peoples lives.  

Thank you so much for everything!!!  I will never be able to repay for all your kindness and help but I will remember you always and will tell to my children and grandchildren about you, as you are a part of the history in my life.

Sincerely, Ludmila.


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