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Darren and Alla


My name is Darren and I just made a trip to Ukraine recently where I met my true love. Let me go back to the beginning on how I came to meet my true love. Approximately 6 months ago I sent an inquiry to Marianna's  agency about contacting some of the ladies on the website. They told me to pick out 9 ladies and that Marianna would choose 6 of the ladies for an initial contact. It took me a little while to make my selection because there are so many lovely ladies on the website and I wanted to make certain that I picked the right ones. I finally made a decision and started my correspondence with the ladies.

I received a letter from all 6 ladies. Not all were interested in me, but I still had a lot that were.  I began my correspondence to the ladies individually for a couple of months.  I decided to take a trip to Ukraine to see which lady would be right for me. There was no decision to made once I met Alla in person. There was chemistry from the beginning of our first meeting. I took her to the finest restaurants in town; which weren't expensive at all by our customs. I also took her to a park in the city which is a good place to spend some time together getting to know each other better. By the 4th day of my trip I decided that Alla was the one I couldn't live without. I asked her to marry me at a fine restaurant and luckily she said yes. I was afraid that just writing to Alla for only 3 months and then only being with her for 4 days would be too soon to propose to her. Obviously it wasn't. I also took her to a castle located about 1.5 hours away that is a great spot to spend some time together as a couple.

The one thing that I like about Marianna's  agency is that they have the best personal service you can ask for. They guided me through the whole process of meeting Alla. They answered all of my questions and concerns, and more importantly they made Alla feel comfortable about coming to the U.S. and leaving everything she knows behind to become my wife. The agency is still continuing to help me by handling all of the paperwork on getting Alla over here with a fiancйe visa. I am a fortunate man to have used the agency to find my true love in Alla.



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