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Joe and Oksana


Hi, after a few months of writing emails and video phone calls we decided we should meet in person one more time before Oksana comes to the states. It will give us a chance to get to know each other better in person.

Even though we were very comfortable together the first time we met. We have come to know each other a lot better through the letters.

I arrived in Kiev on November 11, 2008. Changed planes and got into the flight headed to Chernovtsy. There was a bit of time between planes and I was getting more nervous thinking in ways such as: After all the exchange of letters; Will she still like me? Will she be the same person? Will she act differently?.

It took just over an hour from Kiev to Chernovtsy and I was very tired and fell asleep on the plane. When the plane landed and as I was heading towards the gate. I tried to get a glimpse to see if she was there. I realized it was a very cold afternoon as I got closer to the gate, and then I saw her. She was there waiting for me and I walked over to her, gave her a hug. And it felt so good hugging her again. She introduced me to her uncle Tolik and the translator. The translator was a young man that was in Texas as an exchange student.

Next day her and uncle Tolik picked me up at the hotel and drove me to Oksana's house, which is located in a village outside of the city. It was about a 45 minute drive. As I arrived to her house she introduced me to her father, I already had met the mother and her son Pavlick ( a four year old full of life boy ) during the first visit. We had dinner and a long conversation with her parents. Where the parents had lots of questions about myself. I enjoyed the questions very much because the questions were character questions. Later on in the evening we had a barbeque. We talked, laughed and had a great time. The parents made me feel at home and I felt that it was a good evening.

Next day Oksana and her uncle met me at the hotel and then we drove to the mountains, to a resort that we had previously planned to spend some days alone and together at. Even though Oksana's English was not up to par yet we have had a very good understanding with each other. Also we were armed with two dictionaries to help with the language barrier. The days went by fast, we went for a few walks and lots of swimming. When we ate at the resort - a couple times we had to wake the cook to make us food. It felt like we were the only couple on the resort. It was a great week!!!

We saw that we can communicate with each other without a translator. We went to the small shops ( to buy some gifts for my kids {Val and Chris} and her son {Pavlick}), various restaurants, but it was all fun. Whatever the situation was we were able to communicate with no issues. When it was time to leave, her uncle and translator came to pick us up.

Next day we went back to Oksana's house where we spent the day and evening with her parents and son again. I again felt very comfortable and part of the family and loved the time I spent with her parents. The time I spent in the Ukraine was everything I hoped for and more. I came back to the United States more sure then ever that she is the girl of my dreams. I can not wait until she can be with me in the United States.

Thank you for everything,


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