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Frequently Asked Questions



I want to find Ukrainian wife. Is it working?


- Yes, it is working. We have 8 years of experience and more than 200 successfully matched couples. Most of them are happily married now.

- We want to help you and very interested in you being successful.



Are marriages with Ukrainian ladies successful?


- Most marriages are successful. But sometimes there are not successful marriages and you probably read about it on the internet. But I want to say that if marriage is successful people are not going to write about it on internet. If marriage is not successful – people are writing about it on internet and ask for advice and etc.

- Our suggestion is: If you really lonely and you want to get married – try and you most likely be successful.



How do I get started?


- Write an introduction letter, choose several good photos of yourself, choose several ladies from our site that you find attractive and email us all this info. 


Some information that we recommend to put in your introduction letter:

In your first letter to the lady you need to write about you, your life style, your family, your children, place where you live, your work, your character, your hobbies and how you enjoy to spend your free time. You need to write how you imagine your future family and your future wife. Also you need to ask questions so that lady knows what information you want to know about her.


- We suggest you using our $78.00 special – it is very easy and inexpensive way to get started!!!

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How many ladies should I write to?


- It depends only from you. We do not recommend communicating with 12 or more ladies. Also we do not recommend writing only to one lady. Usually men clients communicate with 3 – 7 ladies. It should be your choice to how many ladies you want to write.



Can you please tell me the whole process?


- Basically man-client communicates to our ladies-clients for several months, then come to meet them in person in Chernovtsy. He spends time with the ladies and chooses the one he is going to propose to. Once the lady is chosen, he proposes to her and after she said "Yes",  he starts paperwork for fiancée visa for his fiancée. He continues communicating with his lady while the fiancée visa is in process.

Some men come for second time to Chernovtsy. This is a good way to get to know your fiancée much better as you will be spending full time with her while you are in Chernovtsy.

Once the visa is issued, lady comes to her fiancé in USA and they get married.



Do Ukrainian ladies speak English?

- Most people in Ukraine speak Russian or Ukrainian, but most ladies know some English as they have been taught English at school and University/College.

English is the most popular foreign language in Ukraine.

- After the lady is engaged, we offer inexpensive English classes with high-quality English teachers that we have available.



Why Ukrainian ladies want to get married with foreign men?

- According to statistics:

5 Ukrainian ladies, age:  25 years  and older, that want to get married

1 Ukrainian man, that want to get married

10 Ukrainian ladies with at least 1 child, age:  25 years  and older, that want to get married

1 Ukrainian man, that want to get married


- Many Ukrainian men moved to other countries (Portugal, Spain) for work because it is difficult to find work in Ukraine. Ukraine has 45 million people and more than 5 million (98% are men up to 40y.o.) left on work visas to other countries.


- Another reason is that Ukrainian men do not want to get married because there are too many available ladies. Very often Ukrainian men (if they are married) do not want to take care of their families, drink alcohol and cheat on their wives.



What Ukrainian ladies want from marriage?


- Ukrainian ladies want a regular normal family life with a loving husband. It is Ukrainian tradition for Ukrainian lady to take care of her husband, kids and home. Many Ukrainian ladies dream about such marriage life. About 50% of Ukrainian ladies have high education. Most of Ukrainian ladies prefer that a husband be head of the family. Also many ladies prefer to work at least part time. All Ukrainian ladies love their children and ready to take care of them whole life. None of the Ukrainian ladies will allow you be disrespectful toward them. Ukrainian ladies can forgive lots of different things but they need equal relation to them.



What is the main religion in Ukraine?

- Most of people in Ukraine are Russian Orthodox. There are several other religions, but they are not popular in Ukraine.

- Ukrainian women are not fanatics in religion. It is Ukrainian tradition that husband comes in first priority, then children, parents and then religion and other.